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About Espace Ensō

Espace Enso is a space dedicated to massage therapy where you can disconnect from your daily routine and experience a moment of tranquility and reconnection with your body and mind. Your senses will be awakened as much by the aromatherapy, music and soothing atmosphere.

We use Zayat Aroma essential oils and products.

At Espace Enso we use as much as possible organic and/or environmentally friendly products. We care about your health and the planet.


About Livia Bienvenue

Livia Bienvenue is a Registered Massage Therapist and owner of Espace Enso. She always been naturally inclined to help people and she grew up in an environment that emphasized natural healing methods and awareness of the needs of her body and mind. After many years of exploring what she could bring to this world, she fell in love with massage therapy. She is dedicated to the well-being of her clients to help them relieve their muscular tensions and overall stress, while providing a comfortable and safe space. She wants to offer a memorable experience and allow her clients to feel, if only for a few minutes, what it means to be in the Now! 

Certified Techniques/Trainings

Swedish - 424h

Amma - 200h

Amma on chair

Ayurvedic Head Massage

Trigger points and Myofascial release

In 2023...


Kobiyoko - Japanese Rejuvenating Facial Massage

Advanced Amma 

"Touch the body. Calm the mind. Heal the spirit."



''Both professional and caring, Livia puts us at ease and quickly manages to make us forget our stress every time. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants a moment of relaxation!''


'Whether it's to relax or for pain, don't hesitate to go see Livia. She is the massage therapist you have been looking for all this time! She will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Already after my first session my pain was gone and my stress had decreased tremendously. On top of that, she has a wonderful personality! I strongly recommend you to make an appointment, you won't regret it!''


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